User Manual



This user manual describes the web site and it’s facilities, how to amend pages, add events and news items (posts)

Overview of the site

The site is a multi-sports site that allows each sports club get online. Within the umbrella of the overall site each club has:

  • their own home page and sub pages
  • an events calendar for their own activities
  • a news publisher with auto emailshot capability.

Using the Sports Centre as the central point for the web site helps to improves search engine appearance and reduce the costs of providing a professional web site.

Club representatives have the ability to manage their own sub-site (web pages, events and news) via a simple to use editors that remove the need for technical skills.


  1. Home Page description
  2. Adding Media (images)
  3. Club Pages
    1. adding new pages
    2. templates for club pages
    3. Improving search engine results
  4. The e-mailshot system
  5. News (Posts)
    1. Adding a news item (post)
    2. auto email-shot
    3. Where is News seen on the site
  6. Events
    1. Adding an Event