Adding News Items (Posts)

A News item is something you want to shout about and publicize to your e-mailing list.

Creating a new News Item (a Post) is very similar to a creating or editing a club page and the user should be familiar with this process before attempting a Post. Read more.

Log in

On the web site, log on via Events->Events Engagement-> Log on button




( hint: You can always tell if you are logged on by visiting the home page where top left, under the banner a “log Off” button will only show if you are logged on)





Enter the club username and password, click Log In and up comes the system menu (showing current events). Click Posts->Add New

Editing the new Post is almost identical to the method used for editing a Club Page, with some very important options.

Post Options


There are 2 important options to be selected on every post- the category for the post, which should match the club or clubs that the Post is relevant to.

And the Featured Image. Which should match the logo of the most appropriate club that the Post is relevant to.


Featured Image

The Featured Image for a post appears in many places, including the overall site home page news list and should be correct. If a club logo is selected it should be the largerĀ  version. (-100 in the image title).

Categories ****READ THIS – IMPORTANT****

Each post should have at least one category. The category is used for the following:

  • To associate a Post with the News for a Specific Club. For example a Post with the Category “Tennis” will be included in the Tennis Club page news section
  • Every Post, when viewed, has the logos of each relevant club included automatically at the top of the page, below the banner picture
  • If no Category is selected the Post is assumed to be of type “Sports Centre” see below….


Publishing a new Post -> email shot ****READ THIS – REALLY IMPORTANT****

When you publish a post for the first time the emailshot system instantly and automatically will send an email summary to each subscriber that has signed up the specific category as a sports interest.

So if a subscriber has ticked Tennis as an interest on the sign up form, and a post is published with category Tennis selected, then that subscriber will receive an email almost instantly.

If a Post has category “Sports Centre” it is assumed to be Sports Centre News that is relevant to all clubs and is broadcast to the entire mailing list, regardless of preference.

There is no revoke capability for an emailshot so it is essential that the post content is previewed thoroughly before the Publish button is hit.

So what if there is an mistake in the Post?

It happens…. So it’s worth noting that the emailshot contains only a summary of the first few lines of the Post and the rest is reached via a link. And that most subscribers do not instantly open their emails.

As soon as any error is found it should be corrected immediately in the hope that the error has not be seen.

Updating a Post does not create an new emailshot.

Where is a Post to be found on the website?

Answer: many places. Here’s a summary:

  • On the home left hand sidebar: the most recent 5 Posts with images and summary
  • On each Club page – the most recent Posts, titles only, for that Club
  • On the NEWS page: the 5 most recent posts in full
  • By using the search option in the footer
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