Club Pages

Each club has:

  • Their own “home page ” and if required further sub pages
  • A user account that allows them to log on to the system
    • allows editing of the club’s own page and sub pages
    • allows creation, posting and editing of news items
      • these can be adverts for forthcoming events
      • or news and results from past evetns
      • in fact anything to promote the club!
    • To add and edit the club’s events in the calendar

During the rest of this manual we shall use the Tennis club as an example.

Editing the club page(s)

On the web site, log on via Events->Events Engagement-> Log on button




( hint: You can always tell if you are logged on by visiting the home page where top left, under the banner a “log Off” button will only show if you are logged on)





Enter the club username and password, click Log In and up comes the system menu (showing current events). Click Pages and then choose the one you wish to edit.




In this example we see the Tennis main page and 4 sub pages (each prefixed with a “-“).





You can add text, images and hyperlinks on the editor page:



There are 2 types of “template” to be used on club pages:

  • Club-Page-Template for the main club home page
  • Default for sub pages

Club-Page-Template: has the following characteristics:

  • the banner pictures is relevant to the sport (eg Tennis picture for the Tennis Club)
  • The following items are automatically added to the bottom of the page:
    • A list of recent news for the sport
    • Forthcoming events for the sport
    • A contact email address for the sport
  • The “Set featured Image” should be the club logo and is displayed top left, below the banner image

The default template can be used for sub-pages and has the following characteristics:

  • A valid 1000×288 image can be uploaded and selected using the “Set Featured Image” option bottom right. This image will be used as the banner image
  • If the featured image is not used then the banner will be either:
    • The banner image of the parent page (eg Tennis banner image if the parent is identified as Tennis)
    • Or, if a parent page is not selected, a random banner image

 SEO Optimisation

At the bottom of the editor is a section marked WordPress SEO by Yoast. This sections allows some detail to be added/edited to improve search engine rankings.


 Preview and Publish

To check your work use the Preview button, and to send it to the web site, press the Update button (Publish for the first time a page becomes live).

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