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2022 Annual General Meeting


The Chalke Valley Sports Centre Minutes of the Annual General Meeting

18th May 2022 at 7.00pm


Michaela Johns, Edward Fry, Chris Rothwell, Simon Dawes, Tom Scard, Jim Scard


John Dutson, Linda Watson, Dave Cooper

As Interim Chairman Chris Rothwell chaired the Meeting.

  1. Minutes of the 26th May 2020 AGM

These had been circulated in advance and accepted as a true record and signed by the Chairman. There were no matters arising.

  • Election of Officers

There being no persons coming forward to accept roles on the Executive Chris Rothwell agreed to accept the post of Chairman & the Executive agreed to continue in their current posts. With the hiring of the hall increasing the question was raised about the need for a paid post to cover this role. It was agreed to continue monitoring.

  • Annual Report

See full report attached.

  • Clubs Report
  • Cricket
    Report read by Chris Rothwell – see appendix
  • Table Tennis
    Report read by Tom Scard – see appendix
  • Bowles
    Report read by Michaela Johns – see appendix
  • Petanque
    Report read by Michaela Johns – see appendix
  • Tennis
    No update provided
  • Football
    No update provided
  • Pickleball
    No update provided
  • Finance Report

Treasurer presented the 2021-22 Accounts that had been prepared on a cash basis, but yet to be audited. The accounts had been circulated in advance. Attention was drawn to the grants that had been paid to CVSC. A full copy of the Accounts is attached.

The full report is included at the bottom of this document.

  • AOB

Support for Ukraine:

CR explained about the families now staying in the valley and how the CVSC wished to support them by allowing free use of the facilities and asking clubs to allow free membership to the Ukrainian families whilst they are with us. The Petanque club already has a regular presence and have been made very welcome and the Tennis Club have agreed to free Tennis membership.

TS will consider how the Table Tennis club can help & maybe look at the 6:30 session run on a Sunday.

It was agreed by the meeting that Sports Centre membership subscription be waived.

CVSC & Clubs Constitutions:

CR raised the question about what the clubs currently have in their constitutions for any club funds should a club dissolve. The CVSC are trying to push for these funds to put back into the CVSC and remain local. Tom & Jim were happy to consider this and raise in the club AGM. Football had confirmed that their funds would go to Wiltshire FA which the meeting felt a shame as resources would be ‘lost’ from the Valley.

MUGA Floodlights:

A number of discussions/meetings have taken place, and another is scheduled with a preferred contractor & ANOB in order to find the best option for a replacement system as the current lights are now in need of replacement and are expensive to run. A replacement bulb is somewhere in the region of £200

Junior Membership:

Based on the current situation with the cost of living going up it has been agreed to delay implementing a junior membership subscription until September 2023. It would then be at £11.

Future Large Projects:

The following are a list of the known large projects that will need attending in due course

  • Floodlights
  • MUGA replacement
  • Centre Roof
  • Storage
  • General maintenance
  • Upgrade of kitchen

Kitchen Fridge:

The cricket club have previously asked if they can use the Kitchen fridge which is currently used by the Petanque club for the chilling/storage of beer/wine for their sports bar. It is locked to ensure that no underage consumption as this would affect the CVSC alcohol license. CR will write to the club on this further as they now have secured a fridge & space in the kitchen  is available.

Pickle Ball Court Lines:

It has been raised that the newly added lines for Pickleball are slippery & following legal advice CR will be sending a letter to the company as they have failed to respond to a number of emails around rectifying.

School use of CSVC Facilities:

CR will talk to the school to establish their current requirements and to review the current charges.

Sports Centre WiFi:

It was raised if the centre needs to supply WiFi. Simon asked if the current lack of WiFi actually stops the hall being hired as we would need a lot more hires in order to cover the implementation & monthly costs. Simon to obtain some costings.   

CR closed the meeting with a thank you to Michaela, Edward & Simon for their on-going support to the CVSC and the unseen work undertaken behind the scenes, without which the centre would not be able to function.

May 2022


Cricket Club

The Cricket Club enjoyed a part season (still interrupted with Covid cases) in 2021. The Club finished a respectable 10th (mid table) in the Hampshire League division 5 North West.

The midweek competition was affected by Covid and bad weather. Unfortunately, the Old Sarum Tuesday night league has now ceased and Broad Chalke have joined a new Wednesday ‘20 over’ league for the Salisbury District.

The arrival of the new artificial strip and cage has been a welcomed addition to the Sports field. The club have taken full advantage of this facility and are very grateful for all the hard work and funds by the Sports Centre for this equipment

Table Tennis Club

We have had a fruitful year for multiple reasons with the main aim to increase participation across the whole board from juniors to seniors.

 Both Tom  and Jim Scard have undertaken and passed our level 1 umpiring coarse which allows us to umpire up to county level league and tournaments.

In the Salisbury league, we had 3 teams, 2 in division 1 and 1 in division 2. Eagles finished the season in 3rd place, top player being Benji Maxwell losing only to one person the entire season. The kites finished the season wining the handicap plate. The last team was a full junior team of about 5 juniors. They all played exceptionally getting a couples wins throughout the season.

In the Blackmore Vale league, we had 3 teams, 2 in division 2 and 1 in division 1. Falcons came in 3rd place in div 1 by 3 points  which is a huge achievement considering the top 2 teams consist of top county players from the Wiltshire and Dorset area. Nightjars also came top taking the division 2 title.

In county terms, we have 2 juniors who have exceeded at the Wiltshire county championships. Benji Maxwell taking the u17 and u19 number one spot and also representing both junior AND adult county teams this season. His sister Lauren Maxwell has also performed well this season. She has taken the number one spot for u15 girls in Wiltshire and also representing Wiltshire juniors at the national schools championship which is a humongous achievement.

My main focus this year has been the same as the last 2 years and that is junior participation and improvement. Reeling from Covid-19 and losing 5 or 6 of the regular juniors we have bounced back and are now getting a regular 8 to 10 juniors every coaching session. There are 2 or 3 new juniors in the last couple weeks but they are already showing great promise. I am hoping to have them match ready for January or potentially season start in September. This could mean having 3 junior teams in the league’s which will be a monumental achievement for the club and local league’s.

The club will be running a very much requested summer league again. It has received much attention in the past couple years I have run it. I have so far had 15 teams register for it. Some are new to table tennis and some are regular players. Due to the high demand it will run Wednesday and Thursday evenings, 2 matches starting at 7pm and 2 matches starting at 8.30pm. I may also, depending on interest run a separate mini junior league on a Sunday practice evening throughout the summer as well alongside our usual practice session.

Future plans, my future plans are to continue with junior participation and development, I might look at the level 2 coaching course in the near future providing I can get funding from Wiltshire tt board and perhaps league aswell and time to do the coarse aswell. I was also invited to do some coaching for a new formed club in Harnham, Salisbury. There is a potential there to increase participation again in local league’s. I am also looking into how to further promote our sport and club locally whether through the creation of a website and social media.

Tom Scard



Chalke Valley Short Mat Bowles Club

The Chalke Valley SMBC has achieved safe bowls status to allow it to resume bowling once lockdown restrictions were lifted and we have returned to bowling with club nights and league entry.

Our member numbers stand at 15 with two younger villagers joining our ranks this year.

The club accounts are up to date and we have funds in place for league and club affiliation fees. Our treasurers account currently stands at £1668.74. With no large expenses due in the foreseeable future.

We are looking to continue interclub matches we will look to partake in friendlies and county competitions as before.

Damon Johns

CVSMB Club Captain. 

Chalke Valley Pétanque Club

The Chalke Valley Petanque club has grown in popularity since its inception last year with Friday club/social nights continuing and league entry for a second year to the Keystone Brewery petanque league just getting underway.

The club successfully moved indoors from October and although numbers dropped, a core of interested players attended regularly meaning the club continued to make money throughout the winter months.

We returned outside two weeks ago, both Friday nights were well attended and hopefully this will continue into summer.

We successfully hosted the Keystone Petanque finals day last year, winning a triples knockout tournament in the process and establishing ourselves in our first season in the league.  

The club accounts are up to date, and we have funds in place for restocking the sports bar as needed and updating/improving equipment as required.

Our treasurers account currently stands at £600.77. With bar takings and pay on the night fees keeping us in a positive position.

It is expected with the return outside the takings will increase and we are planning some summer events to encourage new members into the club.

The club has worked on a competitive level but more importantly is becoming a social event enjoyed by many in the village. With the help of a dedicated group we hope to build on the current success.

Damon Johns

CVPC Club Treasurer. 

Finance Report

Dear all

Here is my written report.

The accounts have been sent to you with this report. This year our accounts to 31 March 2022 show a surplus of nearly £12K, as you know, in normal years we usually just about breakeven.

  1. This was mainly because we had received Grants £8K from
  2. Wiltshire & Swindon WASP £1K
  3. Wiltshire Community Foundation £2021 – Made by Sports – clubs in crisis fund
  4. Wiltshire Council £2000 – GOGA Funding
  5. South West Wiltshire £2950 – getting our community active again £20
  6. and £8K COVID support grants from (from Wiltshire Council).
  7. We also received £200 from Broad Chalke Community Fund and £500 from the cricket club who raised money for the new nets.
  8. Still to pay for £2745 for cricket nets and for basketball and tennis posts – done in April 2022. Still need to arrange for outdoor table tennis
  • All Parish Councils continued the support to the centre at different rates and differing ways. Broad Chalke continue to cover the buildings insurance at a cost of about £400 per year and this year they also contributed to VAT costs on repairs and assets we purchased. Thank you for this support.
  • External hires, as expected, due the closure were less than pre COVID levels in 2020 but we believe we will get back to these levels. We now take and hold deposits and keep this separate on the balance sheet to be returned to the hirer.
  • Clubs – 2 new ones in the year Pickleball and Petanque – as a sports centre committee we started the sport and then as we hoped a committee came forward to run it.
  1. Some essential works had to continue so costs of repairs has risen as has sundry costs as we had to pay for our alcohol licence again the year £180 and waste disposal of £214.
  1. Reserves cover 5 years assuming no major repairs or to be done – however we know the roof needs work. Quote approx. £5K. And the kitchen will need refurbishment soon estimate £3K and we are saving up for the resurfacing of the MUGA in the future.
  1. Bank balances were; Deposit UTB £36K and Lloyds current account bank balance £8K.
  1. independent examining these accounts – this is outstanding.
  1. This current year 2023 we are helping clubs get their members back to sport and helping them upgrade facilities.  We have applied for various capital grants and will make good use of the money to encourage exercise and sport in the local communities we live in. Next big project is the replacement of the Floodlights.
  1. We are still struggling for executive committee members so if anyone can spare anytime then please do come forward – the more people we have the more we can achieve. Simon joined us in the year – many thanks for sharing the workload.
  1. Take a look at our website and see if you want to join any clubs / events –

We try to advertise the centre in the local village magazines so people know what is happening and on Chalke Valley Families Facebook page.

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