League Matches

We’re now competing division 1 of the Shaftesbury League, having won division 2 last year.  Chalke Valley fixtures, results (CV first) and teams are as follows:

Date Against CV TEAM
7/5/2018 Stourpaine, away 0-10 John, Hilary; Atilio, Carole

The score indicates a very one sided match, but we did manage to get games in each set, and had very enjoyable tennis, on what was one of the hottest evenings of the year so far.

Tea was taken outside with the moon coming up and owls hooting

15/5/2018 Shillingstone, home 0-10 John, Dan, Linda, Julie
22/5/2018 Marnhull, home  2-8 Richard, Hilary; Matthew, Karen

An enjoyable match against good, friendly opposition.  Despite a let chord or two in our favour, we could only manage to win 2 sets – which was 2 set more than we managed previously.

Delicious Victoria sponge!

6/6/2018 Blandford, away
11/6/2018 Shaftesbury, away
19/6/2018 Stourpaine, home
26/6/2018 Shillingstone, away
3/7/2018 Marnhull, away
10/7/2018 Blandford, home
17/7/2018 Shaftesbury, home

Over the winter 2017-18 we competed in the Sarum Winter League, in Division 3, and managed to avoid getting relegated back to Division 4.  Details here.