League Matches

We’re now competing in the 2017-18 Sarum Winter League, in Division 3 after winning Division 4 last year.  You can follow our progress here.

In the summer, we won Division 2 of the Shaftesbury League, so we can have another attempt at competition in Division 1 next year.  Chalke Valley fixtures, results and teams were as follows:

Date Against CV TEAM
1/8/2017 Marnhull B, home 10-0  Peter, Mandy; Atilio, Carole
25/7/2017 Shillingstone B, home 4-6 Matthew, Mandy; Peter, Carole
17/7/2017 Shaftesbury, away 7-3 Atilio, Mandy; John, Carole
4/7/2017 Stourpaine C, home 8-2 Matthew, Hilary; Atilio, Julie
20/6/2017 Handley, away 10-0 Dan, Hilary; Matthew, Karen
13/6/2016 Shaftesbury, home 7-3 Richard, Carole; Atilio, Julie
6/6/2017 Shillingstone B, away 8-2 Matthew, Ail; Peter, Hilary
24/5/2017 Stourpaine C, away 7-3 Atilio, Julie; John, Carole
16/5/2017 Marnhull B, away 8-2 Matthew, Carole; Atilio, Julie.
9/5/2017 Handley, home 9-1 Dan, Carole, John, Judy.