Pilates, Fitness Pilates, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) with Claudine

Claudine03EClaudine’s Fitness For Men and Women
Encouragement and Achievement Together



Class Timetable:

Monday 09:15 Fitness Pilates – Broadchalke Sports Hall
Monday 10:15 HIITs – Broadchalke Sports Hall
Monday 13:45 Pilates – Broadchalke Sports Hall
Friday 09:15 Fitness Pilates – Broadchalk Sports Hall
Friday 11:00 Pilates – Bowerchalk Village Hall


For more information call Claudine on 07788 587937
Certified Pilates and HIIT Instructor
Member of Fitness Professionals

Fitness Designed Specifically With You In Mind
For Men and Women Of All Ages and Abilities


Low impact exercises designed to strengthen and lengthen your muscles safely

Improving joint mobility, back strength and flexibility

Better posture, blood circulation and bone density

Improved balance, body shape, happiness and self-awareness

Building your core strength and stability

Promotes relaxation and stress reduction through correct breathing in a relaxed fun environment

Fitness Pilates (FP):

Claudine’s best of all the disciplines yet not as intensive as HIIT. This class focuses on realigning the mind and body whilst developing core strength and flexibility.

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT):

Best cutting edge interval training exercises taken at your own speed

Improving muscle strength across the body

Great cardiovascular workout (heart, lungs and blood vessels) improving stamina

Burns the maximum amount of fat in the minimum time and helps with weight reduction

Continues to burn body fat for up to 48 hours afterwards

Improves your sleep pattern, resting pulse and overall metabolism