Yoga with Caroline Wilkinson

studioChalke Valley Sports Centre are happy to announce an addition to our Wellness sessions, weekly Yoga classes with Caroline Wilkinson starting on the 3rd March.


Each one-and-a-half-hour session follows the same pattern – preparation, warm-up, classic postures with variations, separate breathing practices or concentration practices moving towards meditation and ending with a deep relaxation. This pattern allows the student to gradually move deeper into the yoga practices and gives their body and mind time to adjust to the changes taking place. Some sessions also include deeper meditation practice and aspects of yoga philosophy.

The content of the session changes each week to allow students to experience a variety of postures, breathing, relaxation, concentration and meditation.


Fees are payable at the start of each term. If a student misses a session, they can make it up by attending another session at one of the other venues. One-off sessions are also available for new students to experience this style of teaching.

Private Classes

Private yoga sessions are available Monday to Thursday. They are tailored to suit various needs, for example: students who may require special attention for medical reasons; those who are beginners wishing to have a few introductory sessions to learn the basics before joining a group class; those who are not available at the times when group classes run, or for those who prefer one-to-one tuition.

For further information or to book your sessions please visit or call Caroline on 01722 781185 or CVSC on 01722 780810